Saturday, March 26, 2011

15 Day Challenge


Day 1) Write some basic things about yourself.
Day 2) Write some interesting and unusual facts about yourself.
Day 3) What does your Tumblr name mean?
Day 4) Five places you would like to visit.
Day 5) Write down your Pet peeves.
Day 6) Three confessions of your choise.
Day 7) Five likes and dislikes.
Day 8) What is your favorite TV-show?
Day 9) Turn-ons and turn-offs.
Day 10) Three things that cross your mind a lot.
Day 11) Five things that make you feel warm and fuzzy.
Day 12) A song that’s had an effect on your life, and why.
Day 13) Your favorite season and why.
Day 14) Would you ever get a tattoo/piercing?
Day 15) Anything else you would like to write about.

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