Friday, March 25, 2011


Today was nice. I was actually in a good mood. At first I wanted to kick this girl so hard in the head that her head would explode. But then in History we had to talk to students from Japan. They were so adorable and it just confirmed that I want to go to Japan. They taught my friend & I some Japanese. They put me in an incredibly good mood. Then my good mood got better when I went to Maths because I told my teacher that my partner for my assignment had done 0% of the work while I had done 100%. And that my partner hadn't even started. My Maths teacher told me my box-plots, and stem&leaf plots were "beautiful" and told me to drop her as a assignment partner asap, as my work was way too good to be wasted. And I thought I was failing Maths... Thennnn I had Legal Studies and to my surprise my teacher didn't chop my balls off for emailing the Mock Trial Cross Exam' Questions over a week late. Yay-cakes. My friends are freaking amazing, especially the ones I made this year. And my close friends got even closer, and I forgot about the unoriginal, manipulating, self-absorbed bitch that I once used to call my friend. Hahaha. At the bus stop after school was hilarious. Way too hilarious. I then headed into town and bought a Motley Crue Tee, Black Dress, 2 Shirts, and a cardigan from Dangerfield. I then helped my Mum pick out a really pretty dress for a wedding she has coming up then we both got coffee and came to my Godmothers. They surprised me with accommodation, flights to Melbourne and a ticket to see (my all time favourite man... ever) the Dalai Lama. Today was too fucking good. Lovin' Life. (L)_______(L)

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