Saturday, March 19, 2011


I'm meant to be doing legal studies, mock trials, English and religion homework.
I've given up.
I hate the feeling of giving up.
It's like a big swamp of doubt sucks you up and eats you alive.
I have been feeling like this since last Wednesday and it's horrible.
I just want to feel better.
I want to do fantastic at mock trials, get an A for Legal/Religion/English, and more than anything I want to do a fantastic application for the Vietnam trip for school.
Every time I sit down and think about it, every time I get swamped by the drowning noise of doubt I cry. Or am on the verge of just bawling my eyes out. I can't take rejection.
The simple answer? Do your homework. Stop watching Black Books. Really put my heart into my Vietnam Application.
But when you feel like this you can't help but sit on your arse, procrastinating, feeling shitty, eating ice cream, and thinking "Holy fuck I just cannot do this, I can't do this stupid thing called life."
So now I am going to continue watching Black Books, re-blogging, feeling shitty, eating ice cream, and wishing I could just be Bernard from Black Books, getting drunk every day and not giving a shit about anyone.
I hate people.
They're just so invasive, protruding and way too happy.
It's repulsive.

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