Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day Nine

Today I had a party and coffee with my friend.
Got new Glee, it was beautiful. I cried. So much love :)
Found out that my celebrity crush has a girlfriend, surprisingly I wasn't upset, I was really happy for him. I'm not as immature as I thought I was. I got Glee Season 1 on DVD, Glee CD Volume 5. WIN. :D
And yeah tomorrow I have work, and I'm going shopping or something. This time in twenty-four hours work will have been over until Saturday morning. So. Much. Working. This. Week. which means money... but still I'm really tired and the thought of having to go back to that school makes me feel physically ill, so that doesn't help me being grumpy, quiet, or anxious. I want to move so bad, no one quite understands. I'm just going to have either a huge breakdown or anxiety attack when I go back to school Tuesday. I'm close to it now and I'm not even there. What is my life at the moment? Nothing, nothing at all.

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