Wednesday, April 13, 2011

day one, you stepped out of Narnia, and starred in Schindler's list.

I know I have done quite the few personal posts before, but this is the first daily one. This blog is officially my journal.

Today I had McGriddles for breakfast. They make you happy, and I swear they set me up for the day. Mmmm, I could have them every morning for breakfast :3 I got to school and bith-face (this is my code-name, because I will not mention names over the internet) was showing around le new phone, which wasn't new, it was second hand. The same one I was going to get. I  said to bitch-face "can't you get a new one? It's scratched." Then laughed in my head for the rest of the day while she gave me daggers and made everyone put in their numbers except for me. Hahahaha. I got the new version of the second hand phone she has. SUCKKK. She is the biggest twat. Couldn't give a fuck because I had had McGriddles for breakfast and I was in an exceptional mood. I don't understand bitch-face, and why she has to act like such a cunt. No one likes her anyway. I think she knows because she is acting really really fake, and is acting like she is interested in other people. The act won't last. I am so glad we're not friends. Except at formal she pretty much stalked me and played with my hair, and was pretending to be best friends with me. It was fairly scary. :/ ANYWAY. DIGRESSING AGAIN. After school went to my Mum's work, chilled, played Pokemon, and just as I was about to get a Badge she pulled the game out. So I had to start that part again. Oh well. Funnn. Mum ordered my new phone! ^__^ Had take-away ate too much, threw it up when I got home. Had a shower. Blogged. Now I shall blog a little  bit more and then go and enjoy a few episodes of Glee. Kurt&Blaine 4ever. (L)____(L)


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