Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day Ten

Things I have discovered.
  • I love dancing
  • I love singing
  • I love drama
  • I love musicals
  • I love Queen
  • I love Freddie Mercury 
  • I REALLY love GaGa 
  • My Glee obsession only gets worse by the day
  • Waiting 6 months to get an awesome t-shirt will save you $21 
  • I actually don't mind working
  • I've found someone. Like actually have. I only now have to make them mine.
  • I wish I was best friends with Mr. Freddie Mercury 
  • I wish I was also BFF with Lady GaGa, and Chris Colfer
  • Queen lyrics are amaze-balls
Okay. I knew most of this. But I have nothing to write. 

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