Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Three

Well today was crap cause I'm sick and I also found out I am working all wkend. It's horrible D; I have a party tomorrow night, which is good. Then I am moving into le new house Monday, then Wednesday night worst people in the world party, and then 28th I have my other friends party.  Cuuuute ^_^
Got my iPhone today, which was the highlight. And also playing Pokemon with Lauren at lunch was nice. But I kind of had an anxiety weird skitz thingy in maths because of bitch-face flirting with someone. I'm not jealous, I don't miss my stupid-embarrassing past, but you sit there, in maths, watching these two people flirt like there is no tomorrow. IT IS WEIRD. AND REALLY. REALLY. REALLY. NOTICEABLE. Fair sure I'm going to say something to her tomorrow night, and be like "bitch, get a room". Or something badass like that, because I'm a total badass ;D hahahaahaha. My friend is going to have an Azn Photo-booth tomorrow at her party. woowoowoowoo. They are one of my most favourite things in the world. So Kawaii. 

ill leave you with keith buckley on a bike ;)

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