Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today I feel extremely fucked. 
I wish.

Last night we had formal, dinner was as boring as bat-shit and tasted bad. But the dancing was o.k. I guess. Except I wouldn't listen to that music voluntarily. Sorry formal committee. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't listen to the music I listen to voluntarily either. Oh well, their loss. Sorry for digressing. Anyway. It was quite lovely. Except today I found out that a girl on my table was wearing real fox fur. I wanted to vomit. And slap her in the face. I also wanted to rip her ovaries out. I am against animal cruelty if you could not already tell. Fur is fucking disgraceful and people who buy, wear, or skin the animals for the fur should be skinned themselves. Cunts. Why can I not go a day without saying cunt? Sorry, digressing again. After the formal I went to an after-party with some great people. My ex (from year 8, yes I know, it's hilarious) was at the formal + after-party but surprisingly it was't awkward, I guess it's because he is just a really nice guy. The only person I've been in a relationship with. How pathetic. All the people at the after-party were lovely. I indulged myself in a sprite&vodka and a sno-top&vodka. Yum. The boys left at 1:30 (insert sad face here, because they were hilarious), and the girls were asleep by 3am. I got home about 3:30 today, because we looked at a house. It was quite nice, but we drove past an extremely lovely house. Two storeys, modern and seemed clean. My type of house. We got home, my Mum and her boyf left for a birthday. I was feeling particulary shit so I indulged in some Jack Daniels out of the bottle and cried for an hour about people in my life leaving me while no one new entered my life. I just need someone to love me. I know love hurts more than anything in life, apparently, but I don't care. I like self-inflicted pain. Feeling stupid, fat, dumb, and slightly suicidal. I get like this sometimes. 
This entry was long.
For once. 

Love always, 

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